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Broke (How Not to Give Up When Climbing Out of Debt)

Broke (How Not to Give Up When Climbing Out of Debt)

Have you ever struggled with debt? Wait. Let me rephrase that question. Do you live in America? Did you once believe that 90 days were the same as cash? Me, too. Broke chronicles my climb out of the financial hole I dug. (By the way, you should only dig holes if you plan on filling them with treasure.) Along the way I discovered that my debt didn’t just reflect my bad decisions. It was a spiritual issue, “for where your treasure is there your heart will also be.” Apparently, my heart was in overdraft. Broke will shine some funny hope into your messy money life. This book is for the days you feel like giving up and will encourage you to take one more step toward being debt-free. People want to know if other people are as dumb as they are – and thankfully, I am. And if I can climb out of debt, you can, too.

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Date:20 Feb, 2016

Categories:Books by Thor Ramsey