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Does the Church Get Irony?

Does the Church Get Irony?

thorramsey 4 comments

Satire and irony (not widely recognized in the church) are methods of communication and most often on important subjects. I won’t be supplying you any examples because I attend church, so I’m not sure I’d recognize them myself. Isn’t that iron… hey, I think I just made an irony!

In my last book, I tackled the doctrine of hell using satire and irony and my personal favorite, actual jokes. But this doesn’t mean I didn’t have a point. (My editor saw to that. And then the publisher saw to removing all the funny parts because the book was about hell.) It also doesn’t mean the book lacked substance. I don’t think. Others will decide that, but from my point of view, I tried to say something while using comedy as the vehicle to say it.

Gerald Nachman wrote an entire book about comedy and his book wasn’t even funny. I don’t think. It was a serious book, and he’s not even German, that ethnic group that has no choice but to be unfunny. (Funny people don’t try to take over the world.) He wrote about the rebel comedians of the 1960s who made some sort of difference with their comedy, which is why the book is called Seriously Funny. Lenny Bruce paved the way with social satire and now most comedians follow in his footsteps by cussing. He primed the stage so comedians can now say whatever they want, but it turns out they got nothing to say. Aside from, “Bleep!”

There is a saying that comedy is pain seen from a distance and depending upon what comedian you’re watching and how far back your seats are, this can certainly be true. But comedy and pain have always been connected. Historically, this is why comedy has always been closely linked with oppressed groups, such as the Jewish people who have a long history of comedy, along with blacks and Hispanics. Think of all the great comedians and many were either Jewish or black. There’s a reason for this. If you make the bully laugh, sometimes he won’t beat you up. Germans are not known for their sense of humor. They were too busy killing Jewish comedians.

This argument makes sense, but then I wonder, “Why aren’t Native Americans funnier?” Just look at their history.

They should be hilarious.

That’s ironic.

I think.

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