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Thor Ramsey

Thor Ramsey is a comedian, writer and pastor who studied English Literature and Hellenistic Greek at Texas Christian University where he nearly graduated. Even though he also studied theology at Westminster Seminary (California), he is best known for the Thou Shalt Laugh DVDs and his stint as host of the comedy series Bananas.

Thor had entertained thoughts of being a comedian since high school, thoughts he shared with a high school friend. “She had a dream one night that I did ‘The Tonight Show,” he said. She told him that he “had a good set, which always stuck with me. I thought, ‘Well, if you’re not going to follow your own dreams, you might as well follow somebody else’s.’”

So, beginning in 1987, he was soon working forty-two weeks a year traveling the country as a standup comedian and continues to perform at special comedy events today.

Eventually, he realized that “most comedians are just preachers who haven’t answered their call.” Thus, in addition to performing at comedy events, Thor helped plant Emmaus Church in Redlands, California, which is going strong in its eighth year. Then he served as teaching pastor of the Threshold services at Canyon Lake Community Church for four years and is now the lead pastor of a brand new church plant in Lake Elsinore, California.

Three publishers have been daring enough to distribute his books and one independently wealthy individual who is good friends with Stephen Baldwin has seen fit to finance his screenplay Youth Group, which he will also star in this coming year (2016).

He lives in Southern California with his wife Dinika, daughters Eden Olivia and Kate Tulip and just the right distance from his mother-in-law, Maureen, to remain on speaking terms with her.


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